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Al Hujjat Colony

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Community Hall

Community Centre

Water reservoirs

Car Parking

About This Project

Al Hujjat Colony, a project offering residential schemes is shinning high and bright. The project are designed to make the life of local people comfortable and better, keeping their needs and wants in mind offering employment, business opportunities and homes to live in. Skardu, A world of perfection and bliss in the heart of mountains. The mission of the developers is to raise the standard and ways of life of the small cities and districts of Pakistan. Al Hujjat Colony is a blanket name for all the residential necessities that one thinks to subscribe when buying a home. Let us explore the features in depth. Al Hujjat Colony is opposite to Skardu Airport and nearby to C.M.H Hospital. Moreover, The famous Shangrilla Hotel is on distance of 2 or 3 minutes drive. The offical papers of Al Hujjat Colony is approved by Goverment Of Pakistan which makes your future safe and secure. A mosque and Iman Bargah is located in colony. Also there's a park for your childrens and for you to enjoy the lovely day in Al Hujjat Colony. Moreover, Education is very important for our childrens future that's why we've chosen the best place for Al Hujjat Colony and the Skardy Cadit College is very near to Al Hujjat Colony.

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