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About This Project

Five Star Marketing has made exceptional progress in the construction industry. Five Star Marketing has had the pleasure of marketing projects all over Pakistan.Five Star Marketing has shown great potential in the housing development sector, always ensuring on-time delivery of projects. In the recent years, the company has earned more reliable relationships with individuals as well as corporate clients. Gulshan-E-Kareem, Gilgit, Baltistan is yet another upcoming masterpiece of Five Star Marketing . Your dream abode! Gilgit, a world of perfection and bliss in the heart of mountains. A secure and beautiful society with a complete, luxurious lifestyle for you and your family! Enter a serene paradise of classic elegance where your days are greeted by beautiful views and your nights are welcomed by spectacular sunsets. Affordability arrives in Gulshan-E-Kareem In the days of extravagant and sky-rocketing prices, Gulshan-E-Kareem, Gilgit promises to be the only residential complex in Gilgit, Baltistan to suit your needs and pockets. All you have to do is to glance through the schedule of payments. Affordability, so rare to be found nowadays, seems to have finally arrived at your threshold. Living high! Imagine a modern residential complex on Gulshan-E-Kareem, Gilgit, Baltistan where you and your family are surrounded by nature, beauty ,secure boundary wall and stylish living experience.

Project Details






Community Hall

Security System

Water reservoirs

Car Parking

Excellent Sanitation

Complete boundary Wall

Community Centre


Residential Plot
150 Sq, Yards (5 marla)
Guest House
150 Sq, Yards (5 marla)
100 Sq, Feet
BOOKING 150,000 175,000 50,000
ALLOCATION 150,000 175,000 50,000
CONFIRMATION 150,000 175,000 50,000
MONTHLY 20,000 X 15 20,000 X 15 5,000 X 15
QUARTERLY 60,000 X 5 80,000 X 5 2,000 X 5
TOTAL 1,050,000 1,225,000 3,25,000