Afraid of Encroachment? Here is how you can prevent it.


The illegal construction of houses and approval of illegal places for property construction has finally come to an end. The current government has decided to encroach on all the properties that are illegal. Many investors and the middleman have left the grounds of the real estate market in fear of encroachment. They are not even willing to go through any legal procedure in case of any misfortune. Due to the weak law and order situation in Pakistan people do not try to solve their matters legally while the best way to get rid of illegal occupation is a legal procedure.


If you are an investor and looking for a way to prevent encroachment on your plot, then you’ve come to the right place. There are a few things you need to take care of: Invest in well-reputed developers/builders: The credibility of a builder plays a very important role in the real estate sector because you would want to invest in a builder’s project who has kept his promise

  1. Ensure that land is legally approved: If you have done good research on the developer this will be an extra precaution but a necessary one since the credibility of the developer is just not enough.
  2. Ensure that the property is officially registered under your name: When you book a plot for investment and pay installments most developers will not let you transfer the file under your name until all the installments have been made. However, you sign a contract to register the sale of property and this is where you need to make sure the sale deed is in your name. Declare the sale of property under your name and get it registered under your name at the local Registrar’s office after completing the installment.
  3. Visit the site from time to time: If you’re living in Pakistan then you should do this very often, but it may be a problem for overseas Pakistanis living in other countries and have their investment in Pakistan. It would be good if overseas Pakistani can pay a visit to their property at least once in 6 months or their relative or a caretaker can do this very often. The real estate sector is rapidly growing and what you see near you after six months will be totally different than what you’ve seen in the last 6 months. Keep an eye on your neighbors and their behavior so that you may know if they’re respecting your plot’s privacy because there will always be a fear that no one occupies your place.
  4. Build a fence around your house: This is a way to take extra precautions for your property. Build a wooden fence or wired fence and hire a caretaker who is trustworthy and can look after your place as he owns. Sometimes the caretaker would bring his family home and start living if you don’t want this add CCTV surveillance and monitor it very often. Usually, overseas Pakistani would do this they will let the caretaker’s family live at their place because they cannot pay a visit very often at their place.
  5. This is all for today! If you’ll follow all these things, then you will most likely be safe from encroachments and authorities. For further details please pay a visit to our office.

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