All you Need to Know About Khurasan Garden

Fiver star marketing is a real estate marketing agency that helps builders meet the right customers. We intend to give services to our real estate clients to take the responsibility of selling over their shoulders onto ours. We ensure each customer is satisfied with their investment(s).

For our very recent project, we have this gated community society “Khurasan Garden”. This society is reserved for only community members of Ahl-e-Tashi, Shia Asna Ashri. If you are part of this community then here’s a deal that you cannot miss and if you’re not then there is only one opportunity for you that lies in investment. People who are not Ahl-e-Tashai can buy land for investment purposes only. They cannot accommodate as per society’s rules and regulations.

As per community members this society offers you everything that you have always been dreaming about. For both commercial and residential plots, we are in your budget. Khurasan Garden is located 15 minutes away by drive from Bahria Town. In this society we have play area for kids, hospital, mosque and every basic essentials of your needs.

Residential Plots:

In residential sector Khurasan Garden has 120 Sq. Yards, 200 Sq. Yards, 240 Sq. Yards, and 400 Sq. Yards of plots for sale. The image below shows a detail payment plan for you. Have a look into which plan suits you best for you to get a home.

Commercial Plots:

The commercial sector of Khurasan Garden has 50 Sq. Yards, 100 Sq. Yards, 120 Sq. Yards, and 150 Sq. Yards of plots. The image below shows a detailed payment plan for you. Have a look into which plan suits you best for your business investment

Now there are always pros and cons to everything we do in life. Let us highlight them for you to make it easier for you to decide. Investing in Khurasan Garden for your home has a lot more pros than cons. Following are a few of them.


  1. It is a gated community for the same community members. You get to practice all your religious activities with no obligations and restrictions.
  2. A great opportunity to invest in your money.
  3. A place a little far from the city where silence speaks for itself.
  4. A better atmosphere, clean, secure, and full of nature.
  5. State of the art Architectural design of the society.

Perhaps, these are a very few pros as compared to what I can see it has. Others you might have in your mind while reading this.


  1. It will take a little bit more time to develop the society.
  2. It will take time to move in.
  3. It is for a long-term plan.

So now that you are clear about everything and you’re looking somewhere to build your dream house or make an investment then you are at the right place. Visit us at our office at Five Star Marketing and let us help you make your decision.

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