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Project Details:

To make you feel at ease, Dolce Mall and Signature Residency provide luxurious amenities and facilities as well. Some of these amenities and facilities are listed down below:

  • Gymnasium
  • Swimming Pools
  • Electricity
  • Electricity Backup System
  • Clean Water Supply
  • Sewerage System
  • You can also find theme parks, beaches, educational institutions, health centers, and more near its location.

About This Project:

Dolce Mall and Signature Residency is the new standard for futuristic commercial and residential units. Their one-of-a-kind services will raise your standards for everything you have experienced. So, let us explore more about Dolce Mall and Signature Residency and their offerings!

Dolce Mall and Signature Residency is a project that is going to be the perfect blend of commercial units and residential units. Its designated area is about 3.84 acres. It is set to have 4 elite towers with the ground floor and almost thirty floors. Out of three of its basements, two basements are reserved for parking.

Dolce Mall and Signature Residency is a private project that is set to be completed in about 4.5 years. So, if we were to give a definite time, then Dolce Mall and Signature Residency are going to start developing in June 2022. Lots of units are getting booked daily, so grab this great opportunity before someone else!

Dolce Mall & Signature Residency Details:

The reason is that Karachi is the epicenter of all kinds of businesses in Pakistan. You can also enjoy beautiful beaches and breezy wind. Its panoramic views from the top of the towers are so appealing to the eyes. You can get access to many other prime areas in Karachi from here as well. This makes Dolce Mall and Signature Residency’s location perfect for any kind of commercial unit or residential unit.


Dolce Mall offers many choices for you where you can invest into. You can get both residential units and commercial units as well. Its offerings are listed down below:


  1. Bed Apartments
  2. Bed Apartments
  3. Bed Apartments
  4. Bed Apartments
  5. Bed Apartments


Its lower ground, upper ground, first floor, and second floor are designated for shops. The third floor is going to be for the food court area as well. The remaining floors are for residential units.

Payment Plan:

You do not have to be worried if you can afford to be a part of Dolce Mall and Signature Residency or not. The reason is that they offer a professionally made payment plan to match your preferences at economical rates as well. Their payment plan involves 48 equal installments. Their payment plan’s characteristics are listed down below:

  • 25% for the Down payment
  • 5% for Possession
  • 10% for Digging
  • Developers

More Details:

Dolce Mall and Signature Residency is an upcoming project launched by DOLCE PVT Ltd. Their company came into being in 2021 and is rapidly developing. Their new and professional team is adamant to create a new place where everyone can live a beautiful life. Their vision is to create a futuristic place for Pakistan on international standards.

So, this was a detailed review of Dolce Mall and Signature Residency by DOLCE PVT Ltd. Hopefully, you found this information highly useful and informative as well. If you did, then you can also look for more latest investment opportunities on our website, and share this with others as well!


Dolce Mall and Signature Residency are located on Legacy Commercial II, Bahria Town Karachi, Karachi, 75340. Its location is in the prime areas of utmost luxury. Being located in Karachi, you can also have many benefits as well.