House vs Apartments: Which is a Better Living Option?

When you think of getting yourself a new home you might always get stuck wondering if an apartment or a house is a perfect fit for you. Well, today we are going to break down some basic factors that will help you to make the decision.

Choosing to live in an apartment or house is totally subjective and a personal choice. There is no hard and fast rule that can state if one is better than the other. It’s only a matter of convenience and personal preference. Considering the following factors for the decision:


If you’re a large family or you wish to have more space for a living then an apartment is not a suitable choice for you. Apartments are usually made to host small gatherings and are a good fit for couples, teenage bachelors, and single people.

A house means high expenses, utility bills, and maintenance. So, if you’re buying a house make sure that you can handle the expense too.


If you are someone like me who is very much concerned about his privacy and doesn’t want to interact with someone unnecessarily then living in an apartment will give you a hard time. Apartment life usually disrupts your privacy and peace of mind. People living in an apartment share walls and parking spaces which is not always a pleasant experience for everybody.

Whereas, a house offers you complete privacy with huge walls covering your personal space and your very own parking space. People living in a house intend to have greater peace of mind and a sense of relaxation as compared to people living in an apartment.

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Although apartments of international standards do come with basic amenities such as a gym, community hall, swimming pool, and much more, here in Pakistan we don’t get to see these in most of the apartments. Now, after so many years the trend is shifting to high-rise buildings with these basic amenities. So, if you’re planning to live in an apartment you might want to check with them about all these facilities.

Whereas, houses don’t come with this. You can customize your house as per your needs and wants. Basic amenities for people living in a house are nearby in the commercial sector of society.


Both houses and apartments give a different sense of security and insecurity. In an apartment, there are CCTV, guards who keep an eye on vehicles and who come in and out of the building. Also, neighbors also keep an eye on the house when residents are away. On contrary, to this, a house is covered by huge walls so no neighbors can keep an eye in case you’re away. Living in a house has an additional cost of all of this for security. 


When it comes to taking care of a house and apartment, surely the house costs more. More space costs more maintenance. Whenever you will buy an apartment in a building there are maintenance charges for the building (which include: lift, cleanliness, standby generators, guard’s salary, yearly paint, etc.). Whereas if you’re buying a house there would be a society maintenance fee. The maintenance fee structure of an apartment and house is different in different buildings and societies respectively.

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