How to Get Started with Real Estate Business

The real estate business has made many people go rich from broke. It’s the most common business among all the richest you look up to. Today, we are going to give you the key principles on how to get started with real estate.

Real estate is all about research, investment, holding, and sitting back. Investing in real estate requires no theoretical knowledge and only practical knowledge which includes a lot of research. You do the research, you make an investment on that basis, then you hold it for a time period may be short-term or long-term which includes a number of years respectively, and in that time, you observe if the markets going to go up or down and when you reach to the limit where you wanted to sell it, you sell it. The better the research the more the profit. Let’s dive into the key principles of how to get started with the real estate market.

  1. Know your financial condition: Here we mean by how much you can afford to invest and hold for a longer period of time. Most people make this real common mistake that they invest all of what they have and when they don’t get their profit as expected then they end up losing money. What you should actually do is, at least be able to hold an investment for 1-2 years, and this is for short-term investments. Investment is all about the holding. The more you can hold it the more it will give you in return.
  2. Do the research: After you’ve analyzed your financial conditions and you know how much you can invest. Now, you do the research to find a market that suits you best. While doing the research make sure you do all of this:
  3. Talk to the local estate agency of the market
  4. Talk to the locals about the local market.
  5. Invest through the officials.
  6. Invest The most important thing is “How to invest and who to trust”. Remember always, when you invest in anything or you buy anything always buy or invest from the official sellers and offices. For example: If you’re buying a plot in DHA you should go and invest through the DHA head office rather than from a local real estate investor who would give you the same file for that plot for a less amount. All of these local personnel are not always a scam but do your best to avoid it since you’re getting started you don’t want to lose any money. At first, we should always play safe until we understand the whole game.
  7. Sit Back and Relax: Now it’s a test of your patience. Remember not to be greedy for more. If you feel like your investment has given you the highest of what you were expecting out of this never be greedy enough to hold it for more. And on the other hand, after that, you’ve invested now is time that you hold on to your investment. Just keep an eye on what is happening near your investment because everything causes an increase and decrease in your investment. For instance: You’ve bought a plot in an XYZ location and you’ve heard of the news that society is making its trash dumping point in front of it. Then this will affect buyers because nobody would like to live near a dumping spot. This will result in the devaluation of your investment.

Now that you’ve known the basic principles of investing in real estate, you’re all set to make your first move. Why don’t you get started with us on our ongoing project (Gulshan-e-Karim) in the beautiful city of Gilgit?

Let me tell you some benefits of why you should invest in this project.

If you’re a resident of Gilgit: You can live in a proper society that is well maintained and has all the facilities.

If you’re not a resident of Gilgit: It’s a great investment opportunity because the society is close to CPEC, airport and you can always sell it back or build a guest house for tourists. For further details contact us at

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