Influence of the CPEC on Pakistan Real Estate Market

Pakistan is an emerging market for the real estate industry. Investors of the real estate market seeking to invest more in Pakistan than in any other country. Political instability and terrorism had always been a major reason we had no investors for our country.

Until now, that we have it in control now investors are coming back to Pakistan as it is a developing country and has more investing opportunities than any other country. CPEC is one of the major investments for the long term in Pakistan.

What is CPEC and what influence it will have in Pakistan?

CPEC – China Pakistan Economic Corridor is a project initiated by China in Pakistan. The corridor is a part of one belt one road of China to increase its trade for a shorter distance, less time, and low cost. The road of the project is 3,128 km which will help china to cover up all the Asian countries for export. CPEC is opening ways through road, rail, and air transportation. It is to help build export sustainability of China among Iran, Afghanistan, India, and Central Asian countries along the region.

Through CPEC china is investing in multiple projects such as energy, GAWADAR, rail, infrastructure, social sectors, provincial projects etc. All these projects are helpful in increase of economy, employment, business, and much more. With CPEC it’s not about China only, Pakistan will also have as many benefits as China. It’s a win-win situation throughout for everybody. We have benefits for Pakistan as well which includes:

  • GWADAR PORT: Gwadar is the third-largest deep-sea port of Pakistan after bin Qasim and Karachi Port.
  • SOCIAL SECTOR DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS: Chinese government along with Pakistan is agreed to exchange social services such as exchanging culture, traditions, dramas, etc. They also plan to build on business schools and transfer knowledge of different sections across countries.
  • ENERGY PROJECTS: China has also made energy development programs to cover the energy necessities of these projects. This includes wind, coal, and hydropower energy sources.
  • Rail and Road Sector Projects: The CPEC project includes the road and rail section to be improved for the area for proper transportation.

There are many other benefits associated with the CPEC project to our beloved country. To know more about the CPEC project in detail visit their official website

How does CPEC help in increase of the real estate market?

CPEC plays a vital role in the real estate industry. This is because after CPEC it is expected that we would see Chinese people with us in the streets. They would be as common as us in our own country. It is also expected that the government will allow Chinese people to buy properties in Pakistan. All of this will cause an increase in demand for real estate. Also, places nearby to the CPEC project have great importance just like our project of it is close to CPEC, Gilgit airport. Best place to invest in for a residential or guest house plan. Invest in it and it will surely return you back for good. Tell us what you think about the CPEC in the comments below.

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