Investing in Real Estate in Northern Areas of Pakistan, is it safe?

“Don’t wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait.”


Investing in real estate has always been challenging in Pakistan. There has always been an issue of illegal possession of houses, land, or property among the rich and middle-class people of society. The powerful would most of the time succeed to suppress the weak on their own terms of money, power, or threats. In the end, what happens is most people would sort out the matter under pressure without approaching the authorities or court. Nobody would dare to go to court because it won’t make any difference to them and might even cause some more trouble.

At that time, the weak law and order situation of the country had bound the business to short-term investments. People would only invest in houses or property to live in. But now things are different. We see strict actions against illegal constructions and possessions which is now giving the citizens a new hope to invest in real estate to generate passive income and make it a business.

As the quote above says, real estate investment surely pays you back, but it needs time to get mature. Time shall vary from one year to year which truly depends on the type of investment, which is a long-term or short-term investment.

Today, Pakistan is developing progressively and has become the “land of opportunity” for businesses and investors. The government has made plans to increase tourism in the country to help in the growth of the country’s economy. Even China is working on its CPEC project across this country to increase its exports in the Asian region. All of this will increase in demand for real estate because tourists and employees working at CPEC would require someplace to live.

Only the question remains if it’s safe for a person living in Karachi to make investments in the northern area.

YES! In northern areas, there is no such trouble of illegal land acquirement and for northern areas, we still have better hope as the place goes under extreme weather conditions in the winter. The locals also come down the mountains and move into places where it becomes unbearable to live in such cold.

Even though, in northern areas for instance in “Skardu”, there are now societies being developed surrounded by guesthouses to fulfill the increase in demand of residents for tourists. Five-star hotels such as “Serena” and “Pearl Continental” are already under construction. This should give you the confidence to invest in any project you can afford to do so. Currently, Five Star Marketing is running a campaign for a society under construction in Skardu, the name “Gulshan-e-Karim”. This society comes with facilities of gyms, parks, houses, and guest houses. This is an opportunity for all. Buy a house to live in or invest to build a guest house to start a business. For more detailed information click the link below or you may see us at our office.

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