Perks of Owning a Property in Gilgit

Every now and then once a year, we all need a break from work and all of the rush-bush of this fast-moving world. Between these huge buildings, the corporate world, and the working hustle-bustle lies so much stress, tension, and anxiety that we forget to breathe life in ourselves.

We have so much cut down nature from our lives with man-made structures and architecture that as result we see a huge increase in mental health issues, lower life span, and rising death ratio. We cannot even leave the city and start living in mountains but we can surely own someplace near the mountains and go very often 2-4 times per year.

Fun Fact: Bill Gates (Founder and chairman of Microsoft), spends two weeks alone in the forest each year which he calls “The Think Week”.

Today we will discuss the perks of owning a property in between the mountain ranges of Pakistan near Gilgit.

Gilgit, Pakistan

Gilgit is the capital city of Gilgit-Baltistan located in the northern areas of Pakistan near the Gilgit River and Hunza River. The beautiful mountains of Gilgit elevate 1500m above sea level. It has the highest mountain ranges in the world. Since Tourism is now being promoted in Pakistan a lot, it is the right time to invest in this mountain area range. There will be many benefits to the investors which include:

Connect with nature

The investor can always come to Gilgit to relax and exhale all the stress and anxiety he has been holding on to for a long time. In this modern era of science and technology nature is the only natural thing left with us. The limitless scenes of the mountain ranges of Gilgit help the mind to go carefree and limitless and help think better and live better.

Cheaper lands compared to a city.

Owning land can never be this cheap anywhere. If you have always dreamt of owning a house or property but your expenses don’t let you save much for a property in a city, you can definitely buy one in the mountains. In between the mountains, greens, and fresh air you can own land and plan your retirement to live the rest of your life in peace.

Greater Return on Investment (ROI)

Investing in Gilgit will give you a higher rate of investment as compared to other investments made inside the city or nearby because people are slowly coming towards investing in northern areas of Pakistan ever since they have seen Tourism being promoted by the recent government. Property is little to not expensive in these mountain ranges which is why the ROI on the land will be huge in the upcoming years.

Near CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor)

The city of Gilgit is near CPEC and in the future, there comes a huge opportunity for investors to earn from the land they’ve bought. You can either make guest houses, or shops to accommodate and facilitate the tourist and people.

There are other countless benefits of owning a property/land in Gilgit. We would like to know from you. What can you think of and if you’re a resident of Gilgit let others know more about your beautiful city?

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