Pros and Cons of Basement for your new House

There are very few people in Karachi who have basements in their houses. Mostly, basements are found in houses of rich people or people who are passionate about it. It’s not a sign of being rich by status and money but for a basement, you really need to take care of it more than other floors of the house and it’s expensive to add up to a basement for your house.

Mostly, people keep their in-door games (Pool table, table tennis, etc.), home theater, and meeting rooms in their basements to keep things separated from household disturbance and interruption. Now, if you’re confused about getting a basement or not, you may consider its pros and cons so that it can help you choose what suits you best.


  1. Additional Space: The basement gives you additional space for your house. You get more storage space than just a storeroom.
  2. Seasonal Comfort: The basement doesn’t catch a cold in winters and hot in summers. It always has a bearable temperature throughout the year. A cooler room in the summers and warm and cozy in the winters.
  3. Better use of Land: Basement helps the use of land for more space. Mostly you will see basements of a building as the parking area. It just gives a good space above the ground level.
  4. Natural Disasters Safety: The basement acts as a bunker at times of hurricanes or tornadoes. For any natural disaster, it is the safest place to be.
  5. Rental Portion: You can always rent out your basement to earn some extra money. If you plan to do this anytime in the future keep your entrance to the basement from your house so that when rented out it may not disturb your privacy.


  1. Additional construction cost: For a basement, we need to dig deep inside land which requires heavy machinery and professionals.
  2. Noise and Eco: In the basement, there remain noise and eco problems because of the compactness of the atmosphere due to no window and crossing of air.
  3. Pest Infestation:  Compact and low-profile areas have always been the most famous for the insects to infest or harvest.
  4. Flooding Problem: Due to heavy rainfall or in matters of a flood, basements are always the first to come across any such situation.
  5. Requires a Professional: Especially for basements, you would require a professional to build your new house. Professional take care of things more responsibly than the technical ones because they can’t let their prestige get damage by any false review. Even also professionals work with pride in being the best.

Now that you know about the pros and cons of the basement for your new house. It will be easy to decide to have one or not. So, Good luck with your new house.

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