Responsibilities of a Tenant Towards the Property and Landlord

It’s very important that the tenant and landlord have a strong relationship between them and they can get on one page with mutual understanding and cooperation. Just like landlords have their roles and responsibilities today we will be talking about roles and responsibilities of tenants.
Following are the responsibilities of a tenant:

Pay your rent on time

The most common problem landlords’ face in Pakistan is that tenants don’t pay rent on time. Sometimes tenants do get into trouble managing their expenses due to the unstable economy and increased inflation in the country to which landlords cooperate and give tenants leniency to pay their rent. Here tenants get an ease in payment but they should not take this for granted and should always communicate the ultimate delay in the payment.
A suggestion to the tenants from us is that they should not fake a lifestyle that they can’t afford. It’ll only harm them in a long run and they won’t save anything for future or emergencies. A tenant should always rent a place that doesn’t keep him hand-to-mouth on his income to avoid any miseries in the future and so that he can save enough for bad times.

Be respectful to neighbors and other tenants

Tenants should be friendly to their neighbors and shall respect them. They should share a bond with them and cooperate in matters they can. Nobody tolerates a noisy and rude neighbor. 
If you are having trouble with your neighbors let your landlord know of it and tell him to take care of this. Always treat somebody the way you want them to treat you. Even a smile and a little hi, hello can make pleasant surroundings around you.

Don’t cause any damage to the property

It’s the sole responsibility of the tenant to treat the property as if their own. They shall not harm the property by any means. If in case something gets damaged unintentionally, the tenant shall inform the landlord and ask him for the repair charges or of a new one.
Tenants should know that their landlords trust them for taking care of his house. You know taking care of the property would always leverage you by landlord in hard-times and will leave a good impression of your personality.

Notify landlord prior as per agreement before leaving

Some landlords run their household expenses with the rental income and to some, it is a side income. A good tenant should give prior notice before moving from his rental space as per agreement. Usually, it’s stated to inform one, three, or six months before leaving but then you shall tell your landlord as soon as you make your mind and start searching for some other space so that the property owner has enough time to search for a new tenant.

Return the property in good condition

You know this is the only thing a landlord would want from a tenant. A good tenant would try to cause less trouble for the landlord in and after his tenancy period. He will inspect the property himself for minor repairs, paint touchups, and any necessary changes.
These little act of kindness builds strong relationships between both of them. A good deed never goes waste and so shall this will benefit you somewhere, sometime.
This was all. We hope to see landlords and tenants build good relationships as this crucial for the real estate industry of Pakistan. We feel responsible to spread awareness among people. Let us know in the comments below what you think or expect from your tenant or landlord? Also, share your experiences with us.

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