What is a dead-end Street and why Should you Choose one for a Living?

A dead-end street is also known as cul-de-sacs, are pretty common in modern day housing societies. This type of street has an entrance side and no exit side which means you can come into the street but you will also exit from the entrance because there is a dead end after the last house.

This concept of dead-end streets was introduced to avoid unnecessary traffic in the residential sector where people prefer to have a quiet and peaceful environment. Also, with this dead the car manufacturing industries are benefited for most. Now, this is interesting as you know it. With dead-end streets, a person would have to walk all the way to the main boulevard of the society where the society buses actually run and stop. Not all of the people in a house are capable of walking across roads to the bus stops, which is why people are forced to have a need of card of their own to travel.

You might think this is cruel that each business sector helps others to promote their business. The riches get richer and the middle class or poor pays the price. These were the benefits through a business point of view. But Dead-End Street are so much beneficial that you’d accept the business perspective happily. Consider to look these benefits below:

  1. Safety and Privacy: A dead-end street is best for families who are desperate about their children’s security while they are at work. It gives a sense of privacy and security as people living in the street are more likely to know each other so as to everybody would know if an intruder shows up.
  2. Community Living: There are very few faces to remember for people living on a dead-end street. All of them may know each other very well and they do share an overwhelming bond, like ladies come out to walk, small get-togethers are made with everybody. People live like a family and it is a heart-melting feeling when people care about each other.
  3. Peaceful: There is little to no traffic on dead-end streets. Only people who live on the streets would come and go or somebody who is not familiar with roads might cross paths. This makes the street so peaceful even in the day times. Fresh air, no noise underneath a sky, what could someone desire.

There are also cons to everything so a few of them are listed below:

  1. High Price Property: Property at the dead-end streets is much higher than usual because of all the benefits it has to itself. So, this may not be actually a con but it is. We all wish, that we can what we wish.
  2. Feels Isolated: There are a few people or more people who feel they are in jail if they see nobody around them or have no one to hang out with compared to people who happily accept little to no crowded places. So, if you’re a person who has its peace among people then you are not likely for a dead-end street or may until it’s full of neighbors.
  3. Friendly Neighborhood: Some people are not fond of neighbors and tend to stay in their comfort zone with nobody intruding on it. A friendly neighborhood can be a problem for them. These types of people should not live on a dead-end street to avoid community living and respecting their privacy issues.

Now that you’ve known the better pros and cons which side are you on? Still confused, or looking for a house contact us at

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