Which Payment Plan you should choose to buy your new Home or a Property?

Real estate is one of the major and key investments when it comes to high-value profits. Most of the millionaires and billionaires you look up to will have a huge portion of their money invested in real estate. Now that we know of a key investment to getting rich, let’s discuss how we should do it, either in full payment all at once or with an installment plan. Both plans have their pros and cons which we will be discussing below.

Full payment Investment Plan:

Full payment investment plan is a sort of investment in which a person buys a land or house by doing a complete payment at a single time. This plan is suitable for people who want to shift in their new house or construction companies who buy a land for construction purposes. Following are the pros and cons of doing full-payment at a time.


  1. No hassle of money transfers every month.
  2. You will not have to stress about next month’s installment. Your mind will be relaxed.
  3. You will own the property as soon as the payment is completed and confirmed.


  1. In case of any fraud, you may lose all your money.
  2. You will own just one property with a full-payment investment plan but you may own more than one property with an installment plan. You will know ‘how’, as you keep reading.

Installment Plan Investment:

This type of investment plan is broken up into months for years. Mostly middle-class people make these types of investments. People buy properties when the project gets started and throughout the years till the project ends or matures, they pay their monthly installment. There are pros and cons to choose of choosing an investment plan. Consider the use case below to understand the pros and cons better.

USE CASE: Suppose a person buy 5Marla plot in rupees 1,000,000pkr in a developing society. The payment has to be done in installments over the period of 5 years till the society gets ready and mature. Initially he pays 100,000 for booking and allocation and now has to pay 15,000/month for 5 years.


  1. Your all eggs won’t be in one basket: for the above scenario that person will save 900,000 which he can invest somewhere else and from its return he can pay his/her installments per month.
  2. Less risk of losing the whole amount of money: The above person can always stop paying his/her installment in case the society is a fraud or court puts a stay order to the place. You can always save the rest of the amount that had to be paid in future. You’ll only lose a few amounts of money.


  1. It’s a hassle to pay installment every month.
  2. Chances are you may lose your money in other investment or you may spend them in case of any emergency and now you don’t have money to pay installments.

So now that you know the pros and cons of both investment plans spend your savings wisely and make an investment that will make you rich sooner or later. For any further queries, you can contact us or visit us at

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