Why Northern Areas of Pakistan are the Best Place for Investment Today?

Northern areas of Pakistan are known to be one of the world’s best places for tourism. We are God-gifted to have the world’s highest mountain ranges in Pakistan. We have beautiful valleys, rivers, lakes, fresh fruits, great hospitality, and so much love and affection in the atmosphere to make it feel home. There is so much to explore that even I haven’t finished with it yet. I am sure, about you as well.

Before now, Pakistan was exploited as a terrorist state, we were in a war against terrorism. This has affected Pakistan’s image throughout the world. We were in a fight with terrorism and now Alhamdulillah we have achieved success in the war against terrorism. So once again Pakistan is on the wish list of every tourist enthusiast which gives us a great investment opportunity for guest-houses, hotels, restaurants and so much more.

So, let’s see why northern areas of Pakistan are best place for investment for today?

  1. They have the cheapest price for land to acquire:
    It looks great to say, “I can live in the mountains forever, between nature and fresh air” but when it comes in real, we can’t. A person living in the city can’t live there for long because we are used to the city environment. Therefore, nobody would want to buy land to build a house for themselves or tourists.
  2. They have the cheapest cost for construction:
    The cost to make a house or guest-house won’t be as much as it costs you here in the city. You have everything nearby, and China is next to you. You can always go there, buy stuff and add it to your house.
  3. CPEC:
    CPEC project is on its way to be completed in Pakistan which will increase in demand for real estate in northern areas. Today you will find these properties in your range of investment but once CPEC is completed, I bet you’ll regret that you didn’t make any investment.
  4. Tourism:
    Since it has been not so late the government has been promoting tourism in the country to regain the trust of the world that Pakistan is not a terrorist state and it’s safe to live in Pakistan. Tourism will also help the country’s economy to increase by a great percent also it opens the door for the business of hotels, guest-houses, and restaurants in Pakistan.
  5. Under 100$:
    Pakistan is a country that would come under the 100$ challenge. You will find everything of your need in under a 100$. Food, Accommodation, Shopping, Travel, all of this is so cheap to make it your perfect holiday on a low budget.

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